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Business Consultant

United global group solution provide the one of the best business consulting.



United global group solution provide the service of the construction and remodelling homes etc



United global group solution also work as partner programs, we will make you as our subcontractor.


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Mr. Anthony Jerdine

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Managing Director

Larry G. Paige II

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Abdul Salam Kayali

UGG solutions



"Your valuable inventory must be protected from the harshest environmental conditions. Our CANNA™ system is engineered to withstand triple-digit snow levels, high-velocity wind gusts, and high-intensity earthquakes, making it a premier choice for North American growers."

Anthony Jerdine

Chairman of the board

"Steel Buildings offer innumerable benefits to high-yield medicinal growers. The CANNA model packages the best of these in a turn-key solution supporting your grow operation at minimal cost, in minimal time, with uncompromised"

Anthony Jerdine

Chairman of the board

"The CANNA™ building supports modular interior design, perfect for designating sealed rooms and open spaces supporting each stage of your growing process. Lighting may be located flexibly, and the tracks of moveable-lighting systems easily install along the steel members."

Anthony Jerdine

Chairman of the board


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The Client’s community can be sure that the phrase, “your interests come first” is not an empty slogan - it is our corporate charter as a for profit organization that will blend into a nonprofit construction firm to operate in the public good. We will never subordinate Client’s interests to profits or other commercial influences. Our key measure of effectiveness is lives changed during the project and after the project.
As a Small Business Service Disabled Veteran Owned firm, another company cannot acquire UGG as our amended directions will seek Hybrid for-profit and non-profit status under revised Virginia Law. We have seen how our perspective Client’s have been impacted when a company goes through a merger and acquisition that impacted the performance of tasks because the Prime Contractor ceased to exist. This cannot occur with UGG Global View and direction.
The UGG community will not have to sacrifice quality support for corporate profit. UGG’s low fees and fair profit margins will result in more hours of direct labor, yielding higher quality work. As demonstrated, our commitment to this direction, full reporting and disclosure of company officers individual financials will be made available to our perspective clients, although not required.
UGG will facilitate transferring UGG’s and our Teammates’ innovative construction capabilities, particularly those of our SBs, laboratories and academics, to meet client needs. Also, as a hybrid for-profit/non-profit, we have the ability to pursue innovative solutions and approaches even though they may not meet conventional profit-maximizing metrics.
Because we have a highly experienced Program Management Office (PMO), proven processes and tools, and a history of successfully managing large teams, we will be able to significantly exceed clients evolving needs and insights during the course of a project.

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